Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Beginning

I'm officially joining the blogosphere!  After a great PD session on Twitter with @drpcarpenter, I joined, and it quickly progressed to blogs.  I've realized that my notions of what a blog was and what it is supposed to do were way off base.  A blog is a reflection tool that helps me reflect on my lessons and thoughts with the help of the internet community.  It is also a tool that can archive those thoughts, ideas, lessons and conversations to refer back to in the future.  I'm super excited to get up and running, I just need a new phone so that I can take pics of what's going on in classrooms and conferences to keep a photo back up of all the great info and learning.

On a content note: I actually had a math dream last night.  In true math nerd fashion, I was dreaming about fractions.  I dreamed about using common denominators for ALL fraction operations.  The pictures to go with the dream are really difficult to put into words, but if you represent your unit with a square, common denominators force your sub-units to be squares as well.  When I figure out how to make and post videos, I'll have to revisit this!

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